Angelica Pickles

Angelica PicklesIf you think babies are all cute and cuddly, think again. Rugrats’ resident villain Angelica Pickles had shown time and again that babies are capable of mischief and manipulation, too.

Angelica is the main antagonist in both Rugrats and All-Grown Up! Being a spoiled child, it is not surprising that Angelica somehow bullies her Rugrats peers, particularly her cousin Tommy Pickles and archrival Susie Carmichael. In spite of her controlling personality, Angelica has been ranked by TV Guide as the 7th greatest cartoon characters of all time in 2002.

Fast Facts
  • Whole name:
    Angelica Charlotte Pickles
  • Age:
    3 to 4 in Rugrats, 12 to 13 in All Grown Up!
  • Voice:
    Cheryl Chase
  • Hobbies:
    Eating sweets, playing with dolls, social destruction of others
  • Shows:
    Rugrats, All Grown Up!, and Rugrats Pre-School Daze

Angelica Pickles Rugrats

Mad Angelica

Mad Angelica

It is very easy to spot Angelica Pickles in Rugrats because of her blond pigtails and pretty face. But since she is the only daughter of Drew and Charlotte Pickles, Angelica has a mean and bratty nature. She is used to getting what she wants from her parents. The only people who are able to discipline her are her Aunt Didi and Uncle Stu.

Most of the episodes in Rugrats have plots involving Angelica providing absurd explanations about different objects and devices to the other younger babies. She also loves manipulating gullible babies to do her bidding.

But in spite of her spoiled behavior during the early seasons of Rugrats, later seasons reveal that Angelica is actually a lonely kid who just wants to have her workaholic parents spend more time with her. She does have a good heart, and sometimes comes to the rescue of other babies especially when they get picked on by someone other than her.

Angelica Pickles All Grown Up

All Grown Up

All Grown Up

In All Grown Up!, Angelica Pickles has already grown up into a 13-year-old girl in middle school, together with the other Rugrats characters. That being said, the writers made minor revisions to Angelica’s character, particularly in the way she looks. While she sports pigtails in Rugrats, she already wears her hair down in All Grown Up! and is shown to chase after boys more often than she did as a toddler. She also outgrows the habit of always carrying her doll, Cynthia, with her.

But the signature Angelica Pickles attributes haven’t changed—she still bosses other kids around and bullies them, though to a lesser extent than before. She has also developed a love-hate friendship with Susie, although she still mostly hates her because of Susie’s talent and beauty.

Other Notable Characters

If there’s a villain, then there are also protagonists and other supporting characters in Rugrats. Here are some of the other characters around Angelica Pickles.

Rugrats Characters Susie

Susie Carmichael

Susie Carmichael

Susie Carmichael is considered to be Angelica Pickles’ biggest rival, since she helps the other babies stand up to Angelica. She is the complete opposite of Angelica in terms of behavior as she is cute, sweet, friendly, kind, and compassionate. Angelica somewhat envies Susie because she has many toys and friends. She is specifically jealous of Susie’s talent in singing.

But since Susie is a good-natured toddler, she also tries to befriend Angelica, resulting to an unlikely love-hate friendship between them. This friendship further solidifies in All Grown Up!

In Rugrats, Susie is characterized as a dark-skinned girl with brown locks, often clad in a yellow and purple patterned dress, white socks, and red ballet flats. She is voiced by Cree Summer in the show.

Rugrats Angelica Doll



Cynthia is Angelica Pickles’ favorite doll, which in reality is actually a parody of the Barbie doll. She wears an orange dress with red stripes and is often seen without her shoes. But what is really striking about Cynthia is that her blonde hair is sticking out in bunches, and some parts of her head are nearly bald because Angelica cut her hair before.

Since Angelica only has a few real friends, Cynthia acts as her companion and closest friend. Angelica cares so much about the doll that she once told Tommy that she would hurt anyone who tries to take Cynthia away from her.

Pickles Family

Angelica Pickles family is composed of Drew and Charlotte as her parents, Tommy and Dil as her cousins, Stu and Didi as her uncle and aunt, and Lou, Trixie, and Lulu as her grandparents.

Angelica Pickles Mom



Charlotte Pickles is the workaholic mother of Angelica Pickles. She is the CEO of Mega Corp, which is why she seldom has time for Angelica. Even though she is commonly seen doing business on the phone, she loves Angelica so much that she wants her to grow up just like her—beautiful, strong, and independent. Angelica wants to be like her, even though her mother can be a little loud and rude.

Charlotte is characterized as having peach skin and blonde hair, tied in a high ponytail. She always wears red lipstick, purple eye shadow, and a blue business suit with matching high heels. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Angelica Pickles Dad



Unlike Charlotte, Andrew Louis “Drew” Pickles spends more time with their daughter. He works as an accountant, but is not as workaholic as Charlotte. She spoils Angelica a lot, often calling her sweet pet names like “princess” and “cupcake”. He is always hesitant to punish Angelica for her misbehaviors, only going as far as screaming at her. He also shares a sibling rivalry with his brother, Stu Pickles.

Drew’s voice is rendered by Michael Bell.

Rugrats Tommy Pickles



Thomas Malcolm “Tommy” Pickles is the central character in both Rugrats and All Grown Up! He is also Angelica Pickles’ cousin, but he does not tolerate Angelica’s snotty attitude. But still, there are times when he becomes influenced by Angelica since she’s older than him, but his bravery and playfulness always gets him out of trouble. He is also seen to be kind-hearted and loving, especially towards his friends and younger brother, Dil Pickles.

Tommy is portrayed as a baby with a bald head and a few isolated hair strands sticking out of his head. He has large round eyes and round ears, and is clad in a sky-blue shirt and white diaper.

Tommy is voiced by E.G. Daily throughout the Rugrats series.

Rugrats Dil Pickles



Dil’s full name is Dylan Prescott Pickles, and he is the younger brother of Tommy and cousin of Angelica Pickles. Angelica dislikes him because he always calls her “yucky”. But just like Angelica, Dil is selfish and will cry and cry until he gets what he wants. Still, he has a soft spot for his brother as he always shares things with Tommy.

Because he is very young, he does not speak much as compared to other Rugrats characters and is almost always seen wearing his yellow pajamas. Dil’s voice is rendered by Tara Strong.


Lou Lulu

Lou Lulu

Lou and Trixie Pickles are the biological grandparents of Angelica Pickles from her father’s side. Even though Lou is already old, he is still young at heart and loves his grandchildren dearly. He also sometimes flirts with women and likes to tell stories of the good old days.

His first wife, Trixie, is not really shown in the program, although references have been made about her. It is presumed that Trixie died before Angelica was even born, but Trixie still remains close to Lou’s heart.

Lulu is the second wife of Lou. They met during a dance at a retirement home. Lulu is a nurse who has a beautiful voice but a terrible memory when it comes to memorizing lyrics. Although clumsy, Lulu is a sweet and adventurous woman who is fond of going on trips and vacations with Lou.

Uncle and Aunt

Stu Didi and Tommy Dil

Stu Didi & Tommy Dil

Stuart Louis “Stu” Pickles is the younger brother of Drew and the uncle of Angelica Pickles. He works as a toy inventor and is characterized by his peach skin and purple hair. He often wears a red polka-dotted tie, blue jeans, and brown shoes. Stu can be described as a kid at heart, and although he is often scolded by his wife and brother to get a real job, he continues to pursue toy invention regardless of all the malfunctions and failures he has experienced.

His wife, Didila “Didi” Kropotkin Pickles, is a part-time schoolteacher characterized by her pink wavy hair and green-rimmed round glasses. She is a big fan of psychologist Dr. Lipschitz, often consulting his books for any misbehaviors and problems her sons have.

Both Stu and Didi pay more attention to Angelica than her own parents, as both of them discipline her as they see fit.

Angelica Pickles Death

Rugrats Movie

Rugrats Movie

For some reason, Angelica Pickles has encountered many near death experiences in the show and even in the movie version of Rugrats. A very good example was when Angelica almost died in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie while the babies were trying to control the robot Reptar. Angelica almost fell to the ground several times, barely managing to hold on to Reptar’s nose and tooth for dear life. She was even sent flying to the sky twice, although she eventually survived the near death experiences.

There is really more to Angelica Pickles than meets the eye. In spite of all her unpleasant characteristics, Angelica’s relationship with Susie shows that she has a good heart deep inside. This heart only needs to be tapped in order for everyone to see her as she really is.

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